Genius Hour

“A movement that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. It provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time during school.Source:

Additional Resources

*A Great Place to Start*

Website dedicated to Genius Hour by Chris Kesler

Resources by A.J. Juliani

Why 20% Time is Good For Schools

The Beginner’s Guide to 20% Time in Education – a helpful visual chart of the process

What to do When Genius Hour Fails

The G.R.I.T. Rubric for Grading Process

20% Time MOOC (Mini Open Online Class)
MOOC #1:
MOOC #2:
MOOC #3:
MOOC #4:

Misc Resources

Kate Petty’s 20% Time in Education site – 20% Time & Genius Hour resources and community

Genius Hour Wikispace - Genius Hour resources, #GeniusHour chats are archived here

Joy Kirr’s Live Binder – Created to help others learn more about Genius Hour/20% Time/Passion Projects.

The Global Genius Hour Project Wikispace – View past projects

Teaching Students How to Conduct Inquiry Driven Research