Definition: "a large touch-sensitive board connected to a computer and a digital projector, used for teaching in the classroom" - Collins English Dictionary via


EDCompass Blog: Creative Ways to Use a SMART Board - This is a great place to learn about the capabilities of interactive whiteboards and get some inspiration for how you might use them in a classroom.

Promethean Planet: The World's Largest Interactive Whiteboard Community - Offers a variety of free teacher-created resources, purchasable publisher-created resources, and products for use with interactive whiteboards. Also features community posts and allows you to search for resources by academic subject.

Interactive Whiteboard Activities (Scholastic) - A listing of interactive whiteboard activities and tips, organized by subject. Includes Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math, along with a separate tab for Learning Games and Teaching Tools. Most useful for K-8 classrooms. Smaller and less overwhelming than Promethean Planet.

Virtual Fieldtrip: Shakespeare's England (SMART Exchange) - A good example of the kind of "virtual experiences" enabled by interactive whiteboards. SMART Exchange also offers a number of other ideas, downloads, and resources to use with SMART Boards. Many of these ideas are probably adaptable to other brands as well. 65 Free Whiteboard Resources - If I left off an important resource, it's probably here. The list includes general resources, games, and activities for specific subject areas like science, foreign language, and music.